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1.2. How To Clear Your Cache

Web Browser Cache

Caching will greatly speed up your website, but it may also inhibit you from seeing very recent changes. If an image, text, style or layout has changed on your site recently, but you are still seeing the old version, it may be caused by your web browser cache.

Links to tutorials on how to clear the cache for the most popular web browsers:

You don't have to clear all your cookies and saved passwords. Make sure to re-start your browser after clearing the cache.


Server Cache

Some hosting providers utilize caching techniques to speed up your site. That cache needs to be cleared using their proprietary "clear cache" method.

For instance, WPengine has their "Purge Cache" button right inside your WordPress powered website's Dashboard.


Cache via a CDN

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are utilized by fast loading sites to take advantage of yet another caching technique.

For instance, the DNS service provided by Cloudflare offers a CDN service. If it is active, then that will need to be cleared too. Cloudflare allows you to purge individual files or everything. It also gives you the option to go into "Development Mode" which bypasses all cache.


DNS Cache

Up to now, we've been talking about caching that affects images, text or other files on your website. But what about when you are moving your website? When you point your website from an old hosting vendor to a new one, there are factors that affect how it takes before you see your site on the new host.

For this article we will look at your web browser.


For the Chrome web browser, click this link. Then click the "Clear host cache" button.




One way is to use the same method as simply clearing regular cache. Another way is to use an Add-on called DNS Flusher. Install this add-on and then click the button on your Firefox toolbar.







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