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3.1. Why do companies have a Privacy Policy?

If you’ve been paying attention to the footers of the websites that you visit, you’re probably wondering – why do companies have a Privacy Policy? So many websites have Privacy Policies nowadays that it almost feels strange when a website does not have one on notifications, contact forms, newsletter sign up forms or simply on the footer. You see Privacy Policies on so many websites for two reasons.

First, Privacy Policies are required by law for most modern websites and failure to have one can lead to privacy-related fines and even lawsuits.

Second, consumers are increasingly concerned about sharing their Personally Identifiable Information with companies. A lack of a Privacy Policy assuaging those concerns can cause them to look for other businesses that do care about their privacy, leading to a loss in sales. In this article, we will break down the reasons for having a Privacy Policy so that you can learn why so many companies have one and determine if your website needs one too.

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