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5.2. Can you copy Terms of Service?

If you have a website, you should have a Terms of Service on that website to help protect your business from various liabilities and costs. Terms of Service, also referred to as Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use, is a statement that details the rules of using your website. Terms of Service can help you:

  • Answer commonly asked customer questions and thus move them along to making a purchase;
  • Lessen your liability by spelling out what warranty, if any, you offer on purchases made on your website or on the website itself;
  • Protect your intellectual property;
  • Save costs by specifying where disputes will be resolved;
  • Lessen the amount of damages that you may be responsible for; and
  • Maintain control over your website and its users.

As you can see, Terms of Service can be extremely beneficial for your business so you should definitely have one. But can you copy Terms of Service from someone else’s website and still be receive all of the benefits that you would receive from a properly written Terms of Service? The short answer is “no.” In the linked article, we will discuss all of the reasons why it is not a good idea to copy Terms of Service.

Read the complete article at https://termageddon.com/can-you-copy-terms-of-service/

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