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2.1. Stock Images

The Big Name Stock Photo Sites

These are all paid sites. You either subscribe to a monthly plan which allows you to download a set number per month. Usually unused downloads roll over to the next month. Or you buy credit packs which are good for a year. Then buy images using credits. The larger the image or more unique, the more expensive.

  1. fotolia
  2. iStock
  3. dreamstime


Some Free Sites

  1. pixabay
  2. picjumbo
  3. Pexels
  4. Unsplash
  5. Cupcake
  6. Life of Pix
  7. Negative Space
  8. StockSnap
  9. Picography
  10. FancyCrave
  11. skitterphoto
  12. kaboom pics
  13. stokpic


Background Textures

  1. Subtle Patterns by Toptal


Unusual Sites

  1. SplitShire > high quality, some unique and unusual, but still usable for business sites
  2. New Old Stock > vintage photos from public archives. Use Google Advanced Search by domain and look at the images tab.
  3. Gratisography


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